About Reckless Relic

Reckless Relic

Ella JoReckless Relic was born from a curious nature. My enquiring mind has taken me into museums all over the world – pondering at history and marvelling at stories of human culture. RR started off as an idea for designs for clothing, using pictures of ancient works of art. (Some of these will be available here!)

The project has evolved into this website as my collection of vintage curiosities has grown too large for my living space and I must allow some old friends to find new, appreciative homes.

Selling my vintage things on a website makes saying goodbye easier as I can share pictures and information about some of these fantastic objects. I can also incorporate the other loves of my life – books and music.

As a researcher I am always working on a book (currently compiling the Encylopedia of Tarot) and it has been fun to research lovely vintage items and appreciate their history.

As a musician I am quite fascinated with music from other cultures. The songwriting challenge of my life has been a concept album called ‘Almost Anglo Saxon’- an album written on a historical theme, designed to educate as well as entertain. This will be my fourth album on the Diamond Seeds Label which can be accessed from Reckless Relic.

Thus I am able to provide music for this site, made by myself, Ella Jo and the musician Nostramus (also on Diamond Seeds). Spon has designed this site for me and I give him my deepest gratitude.