Diamond Seeds Podcast Three


Andrew Robbins drops in to DJ for Diamond Seeds and presents a radio show of specially picked tunes from the best up-and-coming artists of 2012.

This show is a Cousin Special with shouts going out to Stevie G and cousin Julie who is going to the Zoo. We send a shout also to John in Wales who only just avoided a flooded caravan this summer. The Welsh summer put us in the mood for these great tunes – and we send a Happy Birthday to Chris in Wales and a shout out to the Dark Lord who had us summoned to Kent at short notice! (Big Up to the Bristol Ring Road and John’s dodgy sat nav).

Also have to mention the Leviticus crew who put on the Leftfield site in Luton while some people were running around with an Olympic Torch – the bands were great and it was great to catch up with Janet, Kath Keenan (!), Tim (thanks for letting us stay over), the performers, and the organizers who did a fantastic job.

It may be a wet summer but it wont stop the Diamond Seeds crew from loving the music. Keeping up to our usual high standards – we hope you enjoy Podcast Number 3!

Track 1 – Baloji, Going Home, from the second album called Kinshasa Succursale
Track 2 – Schiralli, The Clearingand from her debut single, May 2012
Track 3 – Veronica Falls, My Heart Beats – this track will be on their second album.
Track 4 – The Milk, Broke up the Family – released in April. The Milk are on tour – but looks like the gigs have sold out around London
Track 5 – Nostramus, Wow Interesting from the album Doomsday Dot Com on the Diamond Seeds Record Label
Track 6 – Clark, Secret – featuring Martina Topley Bird
Track 7 – Ella Jo, Brak the Sound from her third album ‘Attitude is Everything’ released on the Diamond Seeds Label.
Track 8 – Wind Up Bird, Being Dramatic – from the album The Land on Sturdy Records
Track 9 – Mystery Jets, Someone Purer released 30th April 2012 on Rough Trade Records – from the album ‘Radlands’ which came out in May
Track 10 – Boom Bip, Clocked released it on 29th April. From the compilation album called Complex on the Co-operative music label


Diamond Seeds Podcast Two

Ds Cast Two
Ds Cast Two

The show where the cat from next door was banned, Ella Jo reminisces about a gig at Belper River Gardens and shouts go out to people around the world, including Paul the traveller who was the first traveller to visit a Himalayan mountain in 2012 and listeners in Sydney Australia and Singapore.
Ella Jo plays a track from neighbour Garrys birthday party and advises listeners to clear some space so they can get a boogie on during the show….


Send demos to diamondseed3@googlemail.com
and have a look at our website – diamondseeds.co.uk

Track 1 – Bev Lee Harling, Barefoot In Your Kitchen, from album of the same name on Wah Wah 45s Label
17th June Lovebox festival, London, 21st July Secret Garden Party, Cambridgeshire, 23-27th August Shambala Festival, Northamptonshire
Track 2 – Chrishopher Rees and the South Austin Horns, Warm By My Fire from the album Heart on Fire on the Red Eye Music Label
Track 3 – DJ Food, Giant re-mx featuring Matt Johnson, The Illectrik Hoax EP on the Ninja Tune label
Track 4 – Nostramus, The Ooh from the album, Earthlights on the Diamond Seeds Label
Track 5 – Fiction, Careful on the Moshi Moshi music Label
Track 6 – Ella Jo, Subplane Highway from the album Limits of Milkweed on the Diamond Seeds Label
Track 7 – The Wind Up Birds, Cross Country from the album The Land on Sturdy Records
Track 8 – Damn Damn Patriots, Family Unit on Wooden House Records
Track 9 – Kid Kombat, Chinga on Televizion Record label
web sites :
Track 10 – De La Soul’s Plug1 and Plug 2, Must Be The Music from the album First Serve on Pias Recordings


A Storm In A Tea Cup

Its a frustrating thing when you just want to get on and the weather puts a stop to your plans. Three days in a row I have had to turn off the computer because the rumble of thunder is just too close. And therein lies the frustration – I am unable to carry on with my projects and have to think about boring things like housework. I have danced in the rain already last week, and marvelled at the rainbow that went over the house – (then the sky went a very peculiar orange!)

I can see a rainbow

Plans to go camping have been scuppered (especially after seeing how badly the Isle of Wight Festival went this year). As for a getting a tan – don’t make me laugh! I’m an English girl and the weather is my constant companion.

So to make up for the lack of sun, or exercise – and the interruptions to writing my book and setting up this website, I invited my cousins around for tea, during which time my cousin Andrew was DJ for the Diamond Seeds Pod Cast (number 3) which became a Cousins Edition. http://soundcloud.com/diamond-seeds/diamond-seeds-podcast-03

The night ended on a jolly as we looked at some family pictures I had scanned onto the computer. These were among the first pictures I had tried to restore and the early attempts were not too successful. Hence there was general hilarity at one picture of my grandmother, whose face I had cleaned up successfully, but had not got round to her neck and shoulders! (I think she was wearing a ball gown). My cousins saw the mistake and found it very funny!

Hetty Pustansky in her Ballgown
Hetty Pustansky in her Ballgown

So having an evening off with family was all very well, but now I have found another job waiting to be done – and still the thunder rolls which has me dashing for the off button and the plug socket!

Some days its better to just pick up the guitar and write a song!


A Double Rainbow means twice as much good luck?

A Double Rainbow means twice as much good luck?

Watery Sunset making for an orange and purple sky!
Watery Sunset making for an orange and purple sky!

Diamond Seeds Podcast One


Diamond Seeds Podcasts 2012


The first hot day of the year in 2012 – in the middle of the countryside with the birds tweeting and the horses clip clopping and the lambs bleating – actually my producer and I were sweating it out in our studio on a mission to launch our first podcast radio show. We launched now because we keep hearing amazing music and we think its time to make these tracks known to the world. We are enthusiastic about new, original music from just about any genre – my philosophy is that if your song sits well on my ear it deserves a spin!!!
As the temperature rose EJ the DJ tried to communicate, wearing the wrong glasses and feeling like her mouth was full of spaghetti (you know the feeling???) Luckily we produced a great 45 minute podcast – guys keep sending your promos in – we will listen to all of them and choose the best to share.
Send your MP3s or soundcloud for download to EJ the DJ at Diamond seeds
Address – diamondseed3@gmail.com

DS Cast One: Tracklist

Track 1 Nostramus Strange Pursuit from the Album Doomsdaydotcom on the Diamond Seeds Label (diamondseeds.co.uk)
Track 2 Milagres  Halfway from the album Glowing Mouth on the Memphis Industries Label
Track 3 Savoir Adore_ Dreamers from the album Our Nature (release due 2012) (wwwsavoiradore.com)
Track 4 Jim Moray_The Eighteenth of June from the album Skulk
Track 5 Polly and the Billets Doux_ Fortune of War from forthcoming album release due 2012 (www.pollyandthebilletsdoux.co.uk)
Track 6 Jess Morgan_A Musket of My Own from the album Aye Me (www.jessmorgan.co.uk)
Track 7 Belleruche_Afan from the Album Rollerchain (facebook.com/BellerucheUK)
Track 8 Ella Jo_Anytime from the album Alter Ego on the Diamond Seeds Label (diamondseeds.co.uk)
Track 9 The Pond_Memory Let Down from the album The Pond
Track 10 Fracture_Ride from Distiller Records


About Reckless Relic

Reckless Relic

Reckless Relic was born from a curious nature.  enquiring mind – museums – all over the world – pondering – history – marvelling – stories – human culture. RR started off as an idea for designs for clothing, using pictures of ancient works of art.

The project

 website share pictures and information about some of these fantastic objects.  incorporate the other loves of my life – books and music.

As a researcher I am always working on a book .

As a musician I am quite fascinated with music from other cultures. The songwriting challenge of my life has been a concept album called ‘Almost Anglo Saxon’- an album written on a historical theme, designed to educate as well as entertain. This will be my fourth album on the Diamond Seeds Label which can be accessed from Reckless Relic.