Things I have washed up lately!

Although I am having a busy time writing my the fourth book in the series ‘Tarot Decoded’ (about the Emperor Tarot card), I still made time to wash up a couple of items for Reckless Relic. Its such a joy to watch the dust disappear and the beauty of a piece reveal itself, and luckily I didn’t have to scrub anything too hard!

Firstly a little cream sugar bowl, curly handles at each end and with a neat lid, started to shine as it dried. Such a simple piece of pottery, yet so elegant – the bottom says, B then WRM Bursem England. It’s far too old to use now, although I am sure at one time it graced a table and held sugar lumps!

I also dusted down a beautiful wooden ornamental plate,with an tastful pattern in the centre. It looks Islamic and is in excellent condition, far too fine to eat ones sandwiches from, but would be lovely to hold wrapped sweets to offer around ones guests!

Finally I gave a quick dusting to an old candle holder, whose age I cannot fathom at all. It seems to be made of tin and looks like it had been mass produced, although research turned up no clues. It was probably common to see them at one time, but since gaslight and electricity these cheap, everyday objects have become a rare curiosity. It’s design is sheer functionality – probably for lighting ones way to the privy – and it enthrals me that a disposable, seemingly valueless item at one time, has survived.


Diamond Seeds Podcast One


Diamond Seeds Podcasts 2012


The first hot day of the year in 2012 – in the middle of the countryside with the birds tweeting and the horses clip clopping and the lambs bleating – actually my producer and I were sweating it out in our studio on a mission to launch our first podcast radio show. We launched now because we keep hearing amazing music and we think its time to make these tracks known to the world. We are enthusiastic about new, original music from just about any genre – my philosophy is that if your song sits well on my ear it deserves a spin!!!
As the temperature rose EJ the DJ tried to communicate, wearing the wrong glasses and feeling like her mouth was full of spaghetti (you know the feeling???) Luckily we produced a great 45 minute podcast – guys keep sending your promos in – we will listen to all of them and choose the best to share.
Send your MP3s or soundcloud for download to EJ the DJ at Diamond seeds
Address –

DS Cast One: Tracklist

Track 1 Nostramus Strange Pursuit from the Album Doomsdaydotcom on the Diamond Seeds Label (
Track 2 Milagres  Halfway from the album Glowing Mouth on the Memphis Industries Label
Track 3 Savoir Adore_ Dreamers from the album Our Nature (release due 2012) (
Track 4 Jim Moray_The Eighteenth of June from the album Skulk
Track 5 Polly and the Billets Doux_ Fortune of War from forthcoming album release due 2012 (
Track 6 Jess Morgan_A Musket of My Own from the album Aye Me (
Track 7 Belleruche_Afan from the Album Rollerchain (
Track 8 Ella Jo_Anytime from the album Alter Ego on the Diamond Seeds Label (
Track 9 The Pond_Memory Let Down from the album The Pond
Track 10 Fracture_Ride from Distiller Records


About Reckless Relic

Reckless Relic

Ella JoReckless Relic was born from a curious nature. My enquiring mind has taken me into museums all over the world – pondering at history and marvelling at stories of human culture. RR started off as an idea for designs for clothing, using pictures of ancient works of art. (Some of these will be available here!)

The project has evolved into this website as my collection of vintage curiosities has grown too large for my living space and I must allow some old friends to find new, appreciative homes.

Selling my vintage things on a website makes saying goodbye easier as I can share pictures and information about some of these fantastic objects. I can also incorporate the other loves of my life – books and music.

As a researcher I am always working on a book (currently compiling the Encylopedia of Tarot) and it has been fun to research lovely vintage items and appreciate their history.

As a musician I am quite fascinated with music from other cultures. The songwriting challenge of my life has been a concept album called ‘Almost Anglo Saxon’- an album written on a historical theme, designed to educate as well as entertain. This will be my fourth album on the Diamond Seeds Label which can be accessed from Reckless Relic.

Thus I am able to provide music for this site, made by myself, Ella Jo and the musician Nostramus (also on Diamond Seeds). Spon has designed this site for me and I give him my deepest gratitude.