Cleaning Up Da House

A busy day cleaning up the house meant it was time to tidy the livingroom – which was a big job. It was a joy to discover a little copper jug, which compliments my copper kettle, so now the two keep each other company on the wood-

The Scythians liked to make  elaborate patterns with the stag's tines
I think this design came from a tattoo

burner, along with my mystery candle holder. They all look good together.

As the day passed and I tackled the kitchen I found a couple of things which should have been put away! It always seems something must be left out! In this case it was four egg cups with a classic pattern in blue. No backstamp on them, and they seem quite modern, but they have an elegant, retro style. Next to them was a small vinigarette jug in the Irmari
style. I was washing it out and forgot about it on the window ledge. This doesn’t have a backstamp either, and it wobbles a little on a flat surface. Makes me think it could be quite
old, so I will look it up. Shame it has a tiny chip – its barely visible, but there all the same! Still, another reason to believe it may have seen a long life!

At long last I now have the time to get on with my current book, ‘The Emperor’ about the Tarot card of that name. I have reached the fun part where I get to choose the pictures and I am looking at lots of Scythian art. They exaggerated the horns of animals like stags and goats, making elaborate patterns which they used in tatoos!

Will I ever get round to making tea?

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