Reckless Relic Goes LIVE!!!!

Well at last time to write my blog! Reckless Relic is now live and all the hard work is there for the world to see. Trips to find recycled packaging meant making friends with the washing machine shop who don’t mind unloading their packaging to us now and again.

Other projects are also taking off – soon my book ‘Journey of A Tarot Reader’ will be available on Amazon – when I can figure out how on earth to up load it – as it will be an e book! Much research has been going on to find out how to make my tarot books available – and it seems now that self publication is just too expensive. Despite my desire to reject the modern world – I have to embrace e books and I suppose its ok, although I would rather see my tarot books written in cursive handwriting on rolls of parchment!!Maybe if I make my fortune I could commission some especially, but in the scheme of things it doesn’t look likely!

Although I have never really been a fan of modernity I must admit that I do like some plastic – glasses frames, airtight boxes and buckets and bins (and where would I be without bubble-wrap?). I think that recycled plastic should be used for house tiles (as long as they are not flammable ). I particularly don’t like plastic toothbrushes as they are almost impossible to recycle (apart from cleaning up push bike parts – and after that what could be done with them?)

I am very glad that I have the opportunity with Reckless Relic to recycle objects from the past that were lovingly made, but wonder what objects we use today will have the same value in the future? I suppose I have always loved things that were made with care, appreciating ‘vintage’ before I even knew the stuff had this name!

More lovely things are waiting to be put up for sale, and I am hoping that I will be able to get through my living room to my sofa soon! – also winter is coming and I really need to get to the fireplace to light the wood burner, so more of my collection is going to have to go!