Diamond Seeds Podcast Five

Diamond Seeds Podcast No 5 The Luton Scene
Diamond Seeds Podcast No 5 The Luton Scene
Luton Bands  - Past and Present

This is a special Diamond Seeds Edition showcasing the talent that has emerged from Luton, near London in the UK. The show covers bands that played in the town from the 1980s up until present day.

Here’s the info on the bands that had music played on podcast Number five!

The Kindred

Since their formation in 2001, The Kindred have delivered a melodic, yet, aggressive, occasionally tongue in cheek blend of Punk and Metal to the South East.

Members : Kirk (drums), Paul (Guitar, Vocals) and Rob (Bass, Vocals). Thjey  have released three albums to date. Between a heavy dose of gigging and writing the band have also had time to film their first music video for the song “Broken UK” off their last album “exacerbate.” Check them out live, that’s where they really shine. The album “exacerbate” can be found on itunes, spotify, amazon and all other digital download sites.



Drive Like Casey

DLC’s brand of “Electric punk rock” (NME) has earned them credible supports slots
2010 Saw the release of their mini-album “The Four Horsemen”.







Buy the album from here : http://diamondseeds.recklessrelic.co.uk/?cat=164

Nostramus Album Releases :

2011 Doomsday Dot Com 2010 Earthlights re-mastered

As ‘The Hidden Core’ (THC) – 2010 Dark Ambience

Steve Spon is the guitarist of UK Decay. Nostramus is completely different from the music of UK Decay, yet there are similar threads. Spon’s association with the musical underground and nineties rave scene meant taking the technological path, creating counter-commercial music using the development of music technologies. The influence of drum’n bass, which unfurled during 1995 at Exodus Collective Parties inspired him to focus on capturing moods and atmospheres in an invigorating new direction of his musical expression. Released in 2011, ‘Doomsday Dot Com’ transports the listener on a journey through themes, and rhythms of addictive music. Sound-scapes crafted from the modern world contain delicious tunes and intriguing samples. The album contains the 2003 White Label release ‘Hero Bamboo Stick’ which was a collaboration with ‘Check-One-Two’.

The Friction

The Friction pictures 1979 can be found:


The Friction formed in 1978: Cary Graves (guitar), Roger Holdstock (vocals), Colin Salmon (drums) and Mark White (bass). They organised and debuted at the infamous 1979 Luton Town Hall gig, along with the Statics, UKDK and the Clips. Luton Council immediately banned all ‘punk’ from its premises!
They played all the usual Luton venues: Baron of Beef, Christchurch, 33 Arts Centre, etc. and recorded “Murder” at Quest Studios, Luton.

The Knockouts

Instrumental punk and suited surf. From the previous line up of Luton Band Thrilled Skinny  www.hightown.org.uk. Go there to enter the crazy world of the Knock Outs. There’s nowhere else like it.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLOWX-FFf6U for a taster of the film.


Members: Kath – Guitar, Tim – Bass, Greg – Drums, Mark – Vocals

Record Label: Lung Burn

For information and some more music –


The Rattlesnakes

line up was Blink, Phil Crum, Steve Lewis and Greg Herbert.

Rattlesnakes video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZmEib3ITnI

AND http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOAxE9RyFe8

What happened to Steve Lewis?


The Adenoids

http://theadenoids.co.uk/ Buy the CD – 15 tracks!


Penumbra Sigh

Penumbra sigh was Steve Richards, Pete Keenan, Mark Pratten and Kaz, and a drummer unnamed.


http://www.ukdecay.co.uk/anti-nirex.htm read here for the full story of how the Anti Nirex tape was made!

In the mid eighties the government wanted to open a nuclear waste dump in mid Bedfordshire. The company was called nirex. Luton Bands came together to make a tape as part of the protest. The tape was called ‘Dump it on Parliament’.

Almost as soon as the tape was released, the government dropped their plans but today this collection stands as a historical snapshot of Luton’s alternative musicians, community and culture of the mid-late eighties. In 2004 one of the original artists to have appeared on the tape, Bugsy – digitised and sent the UK Decay Com website the MP3’s to host, which we have hosted to this day, now twenty five years after it was originally released. In 2006 Spon re compiled and remastered using another recently found copy of the original, selecting the best quality to have survived the years of each track on the tape.

Click Click



formed in 1982 after previous project “Those Nervous Surgeons”. They cut their first single later that year, Click Click continued until the end of 1989. Other members included keyboard player Jon Morris, guitarist Graham Stronach and lighting wizard Pete Hosier (Big Ant Productions) who remained with the group until the end. Since 1997 Adrian and Derek reformed and play on and off….Skin and bones was released in 2011.

The Flexy Boys

They play in pubs and clubs, bringing smily culture to grunge!

Find the Flexy Boys on facebook


See them live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTvfTUOdBrM

The Defekters



Four piece experimental psychedelic reggae, ska, punk. Formed 2007 – feel good, thought provoking songs and play festivals! Cara Jane the vocalist sometimes sings with  Ting and Ra and the Iries (she is not an offical member) –  a Reggae band from Luton worth checking out!



Occult Radio Disorganization

Adrian Smith, Spon and Gary Whitely produced this material for the Anti Nirex tape.



Read the history of the band here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_Decay

Rose out of Luton post punk days and worked a while. Took a 25 year lunch break and they reformed. Some gigs sometimes – good to catch – if you cant check them out on You Tube….



GESTALT started its life with Steve Sma5h and Stef Cox as a studio project with their first Release FORGE A NEW NOIZE on Eskimo Indigo Records back in 2009. Hoping they reform, release material and gig in the future….

Ella Jo

EJ the DJ – does a bit of singing too…..



My Favourite Music Venue in Luton

The Castle Tavern – a great place to perform live or to watch bands play live