Diamond Seeds Podcast no 6

Podcast number six from Diamond Seeds
Diamond Seeds Podcast number six

More of the finest tunes, keep sending them in! All to diamondseed3@gmail.com

I hope you enjoyed Podcast number 6 – all the band info is here:

Track 1 Lew Bear ‘Echoes of the Past’
From his 2nd album “Down By The Riverside.” released on 16th June 2013.
True to the folk and roots genre, this album was recorded outside in the nature, entirely live. ‘this album manages to contain diversity whilst holding onto a central style and
theme throughout’
find Lew Bear online at :

Track 2 Sunday Driver ‘The Concubine Waltz’
From the album “The Mutiny”.
Cambridge finest! On line and hilarious interview on You tube.


Track 3 Tony Holborne (1584 – 1602) ‘The Honeysuckle’
Played at the Tudor Court.From the album “Good Companye” by Classical Communications Ltd, available at Anne of Cleves house, Lewes.

Track 4 Wind Up Birds ‘Good Shop Shuts’
From the album “The Land” on Sturdy Records. I will probably end up playing every track off this brilliant album.

Track 5 Tarantism ‘Turn it up’
From the album “Last Band Standing” in appreciation of Mels superb vocals. More to come in future podcasts from their new album “Music Music Music”.

Track 6 Nostramus ‘Lights Out’
From the album “Doomsday Dot Com” Spon at his cheeky best!

Track 7 UK Decay ‘Heavy Metal Jews’
From the album “New Hope for the Dead” released 2013. B side of single release

Track 8 The Cravats ‘X.M.P.
From the album “The Cravats in Toytown” 2012 Overground Records

Track 9 Ella Jo ‘He Who Dares Wins’
From the album “Alter Ego” 2008 Diamond Seeds Productions

Track 10 Natalie Duncan ‘The Devil In Me
From the  album of the same name released in 2012 by Verve Music (Universal) http://natalieduncan.com/

Track 11 Silent Scream ‘Cinema’
From the album “In the Cinema” recorded in Helsinki, released 2010 on Stupido Records

Track 12 Gestalt ‘Razorblade’
From the album “Forge a new sound” on Eskimo Indigo Records …Anarchist Noise Beats…. BLINK – for the sake of mankind PLEASE release some more records…

Track 13 Belleruche ‘Limelight’
From the album “Rollerchain”  an undiscoverd classic album.

Track 14 The Record Covers ‘Mr Brightside’
I dont usually play covers but I love this acoustic version…This band is an acoustic duo from Rugbyy, Warwickshire stripping down big Indie,pop,rock, dance and even rap tunes  to two acoustic guitars and a vocal.

Diamond Seeds Podcast Number 4

Diamond Seeds Podcast Number Four
Punk and Post Punk edition November 2012

November 2012 is the time and the UK is the place for Diamond Seeds podcast number four. With another ten tracks to warm the cockles of any old punk’s heart, and educate the youth, we picked some bands to show what a broad and satisfying genre punk can be.

We thank all the bands for their contributions and welcome all submissions – so any bands out there send in your mp3s! We only pick the best, but that can be difficult when the standard is so high!

Although Diamond Seeds only accepts well recorded music (usually), most of the bands featured in Diamond Seeds Podcast four are still doing live gigs and I thought it was important to alert the public that you can get out and see these bands play. (And a note to any bands featured : For any gigs that have not been included in the notes, please feel free to put your gig dates in the comments!)

Submissions are taken in MP3 form at diamondseed3@gmail.com

Below : Links to artists featured in Diamond Seeds Podcast 4

Norwich Anarchists Benefit CD from Now Or Never Magazine (Collapse by Riot Clone and Media Control by WORM)



UK Decay gig London Saturday 16th Feb, 2013 @ The Elektrowerks


Freedom Faction – http://www.cambridgebands.com/freedomfaction

Sunday Driver – http://www.sundaydriver.co.uk/

Sunday Driver interview:

Gestalt  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gestalt/125255827545778

The Adenoids  http://theadenoids.co.uk/

New Groove Formation   http://www.newgrooveformation.com/
NGF Gig Date: Saturday, 6th April 2013, Venue: The Black Market, Location: Warsop,
NGF Gig Date: 19th May 2016, Venue: Bearded Theory, Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire,


Ceremony:   http://www.ceremonyhc.com/