what people really value

My latest little find was a small cut glass broach that was looking so pretty I couldn’t leave it in the thrift shop. When I got home I fastened it to my jacket, but not before giving it a good look over. I was startled to see that beige cotton had been strung around some of the strands. I wondered why – could it be broken? But it seems fine. At first I was disappointed – the piece may have been less than perfect. But I did not notice anything amiss.

little trinkets from thrift shops can bring so much joy
shiny blues and greens

When I reflected upon it I thought that the careful threading showed just how loved that broach must have been to someone. They had spent time preserving it – perhaps it had been a present or reminded them of a special day. When I thought about it like that, I didnt mind that the threads are there, almost invisible. They are a tiny reminder that the things that we value are not always worth much in money.

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